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Our Services

At RaceIV, we offer a way for you to recover after your triathlon or marathon.  After these type of events your body is depleated and our specially formulated infusions will assit your body to recover quickly.


Scared of needles?  No worries, our experienced team has placed thousands of IVs and are very conservative on the size catheter used.  During the infusion, all that remains is a small plastic straw.  You can move around without worry. We do our best to make this as painless as possible. 

Ready for the Run

Pre-Race Hydration

When your preparation fell a little short, we can help get you ready.  Check with your event on pre-race IV hydration standards

Runner Crossing Finish Line

Post-Race Hydration

After your race, allow us to get back to your pre-race status. Just because you had hydration on the course, doesn't mean your body will recover quickly.  

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